Toukiden 2 screenshot of a battle against a giant demon

Toukiden 2 is an open-world demon-hunting RPG most similar to the Monster Hunter series. As you can imagine from that comparison alone, in Toukiden 2 you will spend most of your time hunting down gigantic enemies, collecting various spiky body parts, and then using those to create even better weapons to hunt even greater demons.

If you're interested in seeing what all of this might look like in action, here's the recently posted trailer detailing all of the important gameplay elements, including the ability to chop demons up one limb at a time. Have a look: 

Toukiden 2 will be coming to North America on March 21st, and to Europe and Australia on March 24th. If you would like to learn more about the story, the combat, or various other aspects of Toukiden 2 you should head over to the official website. And finally, here's two images just to show what the visuals will look like when characters aren't flying all over the place:

Toukiden 2 screenshot featuring the open world

Toukiden 2 screenshot of a whip being used against a demon enemy