Dark Souls 3 board game has been fully funded

I'm fully aware that Dark Souls fans can be a loyal bunch, I am one after all, but its still a bit shocking to see the Dark Souls board game reach its £50,000 goal within minutes of starting. To make things even more interesting, the community has managed to blow through all of the stretch goals as well, most likely leaving the developers both incredibly happy and rather stunned.

Since its a bit difficult to briefly explain a board game, especially one that aims to emulate a game as complex as Dark Souls, here's a demo video where the developers face off against a boss, specifically the Dancer of the Boreal Valley:


I'll admit I'm not much of a board game guy, but that seems to be a rather nifty system they've presented, especially when it comes to emulating the sheer amount of panic everyone goes through when they realize they've spent all of their stamina, and are now one ill-timed dodge attempt from having a dinner party with death.

Most interestingly, however, the Dark Souls board game can be played in either a group with up to 3 other players, or completely solo! While it might sound incredibly depressing to play a board game on your own, its a nice feature to have when you get that incurable itch for dice-rolls and nobody else is willing to play because of silly things like real life obligations.

Dark Souls 3 board game features everyone's favorite bosses: Ornstein and Smough

Everyone's favorite boss duo will be making an appearance as well: Snorlax and Pikachu

If you would like to hep support the Dark Souls board game, and get yourself a copy as well, the cheapest tier will set you back £80 + shipping. Currently all of the stretch goals have been fulfilled, but expect to see more once the developers pick their jaws off the floor and cope with the fact that they've super-funded their project in mere hours.

Finally, here are all the figurines/miniatures you will get with your copy when it (most likely) arrives around April 2017:

Dark Souls 3 board game miniatures