The Devil in Me game screenshot of a mysterious smoker

Much like the previous games in The Dark Pictures series like Man of Medan and House of Ashes, Supermassive Games' freshly released The Devil In Me is a horror themed action-adventure that will present you with a variety of difficult choices. These conundrums can result in everything from the characters getting to live happily ever if you manage to succeeded in all of their major events, to getting unceremoniously killed because of a series of blunders.

As for the actual storyline, The Devil In Me follows a group of documentary film makers exploring a replica of serial killer H.H. Holmes' "Murder Castle", with the whole project going about as well as you would expect from a horror game. What this looks like in action, however, that you can check out through the trailer below. Have a peek:

If you have any sort of experience with the previous The Dark Pictures games, it should come as little surprise to hear that The Devil In Me has recieved a rather mixed reception. Besides the usual complaints about the story being fairly predictable, the biggest issue appears to be the presence of numerous bugs and glitches on PC. These range from graphical problems that can rapidly diffuse any tension in a scene to more serious issues like soft-locks that require a full reload in order to fix.

So if you're currently considering diving into The Devil In Me, I would highly recommend putting those plans on hold for at least a couple of weeks. This will hopefully give Supermassive Games enough time to fix up most of the major issues and get the PC version nice and stable.

You can keep track of these potential updates, as well as learn more about The Devil In Me, over at Steam. Enjoy!

The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me screenshot of everyone enjoying an evening drink

The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me screenshot of a bunch of creepy mannequins

The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me screenshot of a moody and eerie hallway