Yandere Simulator has recently been banned from Twitch for unknown reasons

If this is your first time hearing about it, Yandere Simulator is a bit of an insane upcoming game where you take control of a psychotic schoolgirl who has a crush on a fellow student and will do anything to ensure that he doesn't end up with any other girl. In essence its a hitman game, just with a lot more schoolgirls and torture.

The reason I'm mentioning Yandere Simulator now is because it recently got banned from Twitch, one of the rare few games that ever got that sort of treatment. And according to a video posted by the main developer himself he can't even get a response from Twitch on the issue. Here's the video:


I might not have a massive interest in Yandere Simulator's theme but it doesn't seem to do much different than many other mature games out there. I don't think you can name very many games releasing these days that don't involve at least a couple of thousand beings getting butchered by the end of it, for some even far more than that.

The one thing that does differentiate Yandere Simulator from games like Hitman or GTA are the mild sexual themes in the form of panty-shots which you can use to either trade with or blackmail other students. If I were to hazard a guess its here that Yandere Simulator's problem lies given that the cast is made out mostly of students.

So if that's the case then the solution is quite simple, all it takes is for Yandere Simulator to add a censored mode and voila, everything is fine. The problem is that Twitch's ban policy is a bit, shall we say, arbitrary and that they haven't given any actual reason for the ban itself.

Don't get me wrong though, its well within their rights for Twitch to ban every single game they dislike but if they want their rules to be both taken seriously and followed by the community they need to state them clearly, especially when banning a game outright.

What happens next I don't know but I do hope Twitch ends up giving an official response, if for no other reason than to make their policy a lot more transparent than it is now so we can avoid these sort of situations.