Killer7 official screenshot from the PC (Steam) version

While Killer7's gameplay was a bit clunky even when it originally released on PlayStation 2 and Gamecube, it is still one of the most interesting games I've seen, and one that I believe everyone should at least try once. With that in mind I am very glad to announce that Killer7 will be returning this Fall, though curiously enough, only on PC/Steam!

If you're wondering what the PC version might look like in-game, wonder no more as the NIS America has recently posted a brief trailer. The video unfortunately won't tell you much about the gameplay itself, but it should at least give you an idea of the sort of atmosphere and tone Killer7 is aiming for. Have a look:

[Update]: The original video has been taken down, so I've added a newer trailer instead. 

I would love to tell you whether the PC version is going to bring with it any special features or improvements, but I'm afraid that neither NIS America nor the developers have released any actual details. The only thing I could find is a brief quote stating that Killer7 will be "optimized for PC," which is about as vague as it gets.

So while I do hope the developers will improve the visuals and tighten up the gameplay, I think it's fair to assume that this is going to be a fairly standard PC port. If so, here's to hoping it ends up being one of the better ones, because we sure haven't had good luck with those lately.

You can learn more about Killer 7, as well as follow any future announcements, by heading over to Steam.