Nioh official artwork for the PC version

The samurai action-RPG Nioh released on the PlayStation 4 back in February to some overwhelmingly positive reviews. As such, I am beyond delighted to say that Nioh and all of its DLC will be making its way to PC next month!

Besides all of the content bundled into one neat package, the PC version of Nioh will also bring with it improved performance, high-resolution graphics, and naturally, support for 4K resolutions. Depending on your PC configuration you will have two options to choose from: Action Mode that ensures a stable 60fps, and Movie Mode that goes all-out in terms of visuals. A bit of a strange way of doing things, I must admit, but if the Action Mode can truly keep the framerate stable on middling configurations I'll be more than happy.

While there won't be any extra gameplay content in the PC version, there will be a free Valve-themed helmet available... and yes, it does constantly blow out Steam! If you think I'm making some sort of terrible joke, think again as this bad boy is actually real! Have a look, its quite the sight to behold:

Nioh screenshot of a Valve themed helmet blowing out Steam

The PC version of Nioh will be coming this November 7th, though no price tag has been revealed just yet. If you would like to learn more I would recommend you head over to either Steam or the official website. And finally, allow me to leave you with the PS4 gameplay trailer. The PC version is obviously going to be somewhat different, but the video should still give you a good idea of what kind of gameplay you can expect from Nioh. Enjoy!