Dragon Front is the first Rift CCG game

Given how popular cartoons based around card games were back in the day I'm rather surprised that The Conduit developers High Voltage Software are the only ones to try and make a virtual reality version.

The game in question is Dragon Front, a combination of high fantasy and dieselpunk (which is apparently a thing) aesthetics where cards come to life and mercilessly beat each other up. Here's the trailer and a bit more information:


Dragon Front is currently being designed as a 1v1 card game where you assume control of a hero and employ various units, spells and enhancements in order to destroy your enemy. There's also a champion system where each team can summon legendary monsters to turn the battle in their favor, provided they manage to fulfill the requirements to do so. How exactly will this work and how often will you be able to bring down divine judgement against your enemies the developers didn't share.

What we do know is that there are multiple factions, each with their own unique cards, gameplay mechanics and strategies. Expect to see 280 characters in total, 80 different encampments and more than 100 spells. A more than decent amount for the first season of a CCG.

Dragon Front base screenshot

This faction has an unfair advantage, they have Optimus Prime

However, while Dragon Front does look interesting there is one problematic factor about it, the development team. During the entirety of their existence High Voltage Software has flip-flopped between producing completely forgettable games and working with other companies on producing great games and since this one is their solo venture many people are rightly suspicious of the quality of the final product (as you might see in the Youtube comments).

What I would recommend is taking a more practical approach. If Dragon Front seems like the the type of game you're interested in then simply keep an eye on it and if it turns out to be one of the must haves for the Oculus Rift then great, if not then I'm sure someone else will eventually figure out the formula.

Dragon Front will be releasing later this year exclusively for the Oculus Rift.