Battlerite official artwork

Battlerite is the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions, and much like its predecessor its a highly competitive brawler with a wide variety of unique characters to choose from. Its currently in Steam Early Access, but despite the beta status its polished enough to be played without a single hitch.

So if you're up for a competitive game that focuses entirely on player skill over randomness you might want to check out Battlerite on Steam. Just bear in mind that the free weekend will only last for two more days, so try not to wait for too long or you might just miss it.

For those of you that don't know much about Bloodline Champions or Battlerite itself, you can find my detailed review by heading over here. Long story short: "Battlerite has decided to undertake the rather difficult task of emulating Bloodline Champions, and much to my surprise it has managed to not only replicate the gameplay, but also improve it through a variety of small tweaks! The combat is fast paced and most definitely enjoyable, the characters are just as deep and complex as they ever were, and top it all off, Early Access isn't being used in order to peddle a half-finished product given that Battlerite feels nearly done outside of its menus."

And as a final note, here's one of the most recent trailers to hopefully give you a bit of a visual example of what Battlerite is all about. Enjoy!