Absolver screenshot of a close quarters duel

Absolver is not exactly an easy game to explain. In the most basic sense its an online combat RPG with a heavy focus on fluid melee battles, though with the combat style being more alike the one from fighting games rather than classic action-RPGs. However, instead of using predefined skills and abilities like you would see in a fighting game, in Absolver you will be able to customize your fighter's entire move set, combos, blocks and dodges, special spells, and even weapons.

Since trying to explain all of this in a couple of paragraphs is a fool's errand, allow me to share with you the recently posted video that details weapons and spells. You wouldn't think such 'minor' features would need an entire video dedicated to them, but this is Absolver we're talking about and things are never as simple as they seem. Have a look:

I'm not exactly a big fan of fighting games, but Absolver definitely has enough going for it to make me at least give it a try. From everything we've seen so far there are a ridiculous amount of possible playstyles and combos, and if today's video is any indicator each of those has a decent amount of depth to it as well. So while we don't know all of the details just yet I think Absolver is one of those games that are well worth keeping an eye on, just because the potential is so high.

If all of this has you as intrigued as I am, you'll be glad to hear that you won't have to wait for too long as Absolver is set to arrive on August 29th for the PC and PlayStation 4. To learn more about Absolver, or just check out some other videos, you should head over to the official website.

Absolver screenshot of a tranquil forest