Snake Pass screenshot of our two protagonists

Snake Pass is a retro collectathon where instead of the usual jumping about you need to coil around bamboo, slither alongside walls, dangle over absurdly large and dangerous cliffs, and do whatever else you might imagine an adorable cartoon snake doing. I reviewed it back in April of 2017 and I had a great deal of fun doing so, which is why I'm glad to say that the developers have now added a bit more replayability through the new score-chasing Arcade Mode.

As you might imagine from the name alone, the Arcade Mode will task you with completing each of the 15 levels while eating as much fruit as possible within the time limit. The more fruit you can rack up in a quick succession the more your score multiplayer will rise, so if you want to reach the very top of the leaderboard you'll need to learn the levels inside out!

You can get a small peek at what the new Arcade Mode looks like in-game through the recently posted teaser trailer. It's not a very long or very detailed video, but it should get the point across regardless. Have a gander:

If this looks like something you would like to toy around with but you don't actually own Snake Pass, you might be interested to hear that it's going to be on a 50% discount until April 10th. Right now the discount is only available for the Steam, Xbox One and Switch versions, while the PS4 will be getting a similar discount at a slightly later date.

Have fun snaking around, and if you need some more information make sure to visit the official website.