For Honor screenshot showcasing a knight in battle

If you were hoping to give For Honor a try ahead of its February 14th release date, you'll be glad to hear that Ubisoft has just announced the closed beta schedule. Starting on January 26th and ending on January 29th you'll be able to play as all three factions in an all-out war for domination, with the winners being given a special reward at the very end. What exactly that reward will be, Ubisoft didn't specify, but given that this is their big marketing event I would imagine its going to be something quite special, so don't let your side down!

Besides all of the closed beta information, the announcement also came with a brand new trailer. If you're hoping for some actual gameplay, I'm afraid you won't find it here, but if you're interested in some lovely imagery and loads of nonsense about honor, then you're going to feel right at home. Have a look:

And finally, if you haven't already registered for the closed beta you can do so by heading over to the official website. Do bear in mind that you will need to create a Ubisoft account in order to register, but perhaps most importantly, you will need to choose your favorite faction before even heading into the game. I have no idea whether you can change this later or not, so I would recommend spending a couple of minutes thinking things over before signing up - just in case. Good luck with the beta key!