Eye of the Beholder screenshot from the classic RPG

If you ever wanted to give oldschool dungeon-crawling RPGs a try, or just revisit them for old time's sake, today is your lucky day! I say this because the classic Eye of the Beholder trilogy is currently entirely free to grab over at GOG!

While all three games have been optimized to run on modern systems, there is one little catch you'll need to keep in mind - the giveaway will only last for another ~40 hours. So if you're in the mood for some classic RPG action, you might want to snatch a copy sooner rather than later.

In terms of quality, I would say that the Eye of the Beholder trilogy is a pretty darn good one and well worth playing even today. Just bear in mind that it is a fairly ancient series, so if you do decide to delve through its cavernous dungeons, be prepared to draw your own map or lose any sense of direction within the first hour. Naturally, you could just 'cheat' and look up the maps online - either way, it's a pretty fun series to revisit.