No Man's Sky's BigThings mod brings massive plants into the world

Ever since I ran out of actually enjoyable stuff to do in No Man's Sky I started scouring the NoMansSkyMods website in order to find something, anything to bring at least a little bit fun back into the game. My initial trip was a massive success as I bumped into the LowFlight mod, a nifty little tool that completely removes the annoying auto-pilot and allows you to fly as close to the ground as you wish, so I figured I would dip my toes once more and try out a newly released mod.

As you're no doubt aware from the title, I decided to try out the BigThings mod, and I have to say its pretty damn impressive! To put it simply, mostly because it really is that simple, all that BigThings does is greatly increase the size of certain trees, rocks and plants in order to make the landscapes feel truly alien. Given that the very first thing I saw when I logged in was a giant forest of mushrooms, I think its say to say that the mod has managed to accomplish its task.

However, while the environments themselves are perfectly fine, the mod has a couple of technical issues you should be aware of before even thinking of installing it. First and foremost, these types of mods require decently powerful PCs or else you're going to run into FPS drops during some of the busier sections. I personally took very small hit to my frame rate, so I really can't complain, but there are numerous comments on the mod's page stating otherwise, so thread with caution.

No Man's Sky's BiggerThings mod is full of giant trees

The second, and perhaps the biggest issue, is the simple fact that trees and other such massive objects just kind of pop in while you're flying around. This might not sound like that big of a deal, but when a gigantic tree just kind of appears in front of your ship bad things tend to happen, especially if you're also running the LowFlight mod. Thankfully, it does appear that Bruce-Cambel, the modder behind the whole thing, is working on a solution so make sure to check back in a couple of days to see if the bug has been finally been squashed.

For the time being, however, if you can work around these two issues I would still fully recommend you give the BigThings mod a try. Its probably not going to be something I'll leave installed for very long, but for the time being I am having a blast travelling through giant forests, massive canyons, and landscapes so bizarre I'm surprised the No Man's Sky's dev team didn't think up something like this.

As far as the installation instructions are concerned, its as simple as moving a single file, so don't worry too much about that. Have fun!

No Man's Sky's BiggerThings mod brings giant rocks and cliffs