Dishonored 2's Outsider screenshot

As is tradition with most AAA games these days, Dishonored 2 released on the PC with a whole host of bugs and issues. To Arkane Studios' credit, however, they responded rather quickly by releasing a small beta update in order to correct some of the more egregious issues. While it certainly helped, especially for AMD users, this wasn't the 'big' patch that was supposed to fix most of the problems.

That honor belongs to Update 1.2 which just recently landed on the Dishonored 2 beta client on Steam. It brought with it numerous performance and optimization improvements, a couple of fixes for the dreaded framerate stuttering, the squashing of many alt-tab related bugs, as well as a variety of other changes. If you're interested in the full list I would suggest you head over here, but for now allow me to just show you the highlights:

General performance and optimization improvements

Auto-detection of the Visual settings was re-worked based on player feedback and observed issues. If still experiencing issues after updating drivers and downloading patch 1.2, advise using the “Restore Settings” option to apply the recommended settings for your hardware.

Max pre-rendered frames is now managed by the game, advise removing any previous manual customizations in graphics driver control panel

Fixes multiple related to game logic

Fixed various issues related to user interface

Fixed various issues related to mouse/KB and gamepad, including:

Mouse smoothing is now set to minimum by default

Fixed various issues related to using alt-tab related bugs

Fixed various issues related to multiple monitors

-  Fixed a bug where Resolution Scaling was deactivated when the game ran above 30 FPS

-  Changed the Resolution Scaling settings to be more clear

Added new settings in the Options menu:

-  Added a Framerate Limiter so the player can limit framerate fluctuation when playing without V-sync

Added TAA Sharpness option

Added more options to V-Sync settings. NOTE: If you previously disabled V-sync, please check your FPS limiter setting to ensure it is set to your desired limit.

Added Triple Buffering option 

In order to access the Steam beta all you need to do is right click on Dishonored 2 in your Steam Library, and then go into Properties -> Betas. From there you need to select the BetaPatch, wait a couple of minutes for the game to update, after which you should have Dishonored 2 [BetaPatch] sitting comfy in your Libraby. If nothing happens after you select the BetaPatch, try simply restarting Steam as its a fairly well known bug. Good luck!