H1Z1 screenshot from the new Auto Royale game mode

After spending quite a few years in Early Access, the battle royale shooter H1Z1 has now finally released in full. Besides the usual batch of quality-of-life changes and cosmetic additions, this latest update has also brought with it a brand new game mode - Auto Royale. As you might imagine from the name alone, it's pretty much the same style of battle royale gameplay, though spiced up by the fact that all teams are driving around in cars instead of running around on foot.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in-game, wonder no more as the developers have recently posted a brief teaser trailer showcasing the Auto Royale game mode. Have a look, it's not a very long video:

The new mode aside, this update has also marked the beginning of Season 1 and the arrival of a brand new scoring system. The idea behind it is to reward consistency above all else, as well as slightly reshuffle the playerbase by making it possible to de-rank. There is also a new Tactical Deployment system that lets you choose which area you want to parachute into, as well as the ability to see the general area where most other players are going.

As expected, there are also some new cosmetics to collect, as well as a brand new "Victory Crate" for, you guessed it, those that manage to be the last man standing. You can learn more about all of these new features, as well as the Auto Royale mode itself, by heading over to Steam.