The Banner Saga 3 official artwork for logo

After creating the rather amazing Banner Saga 1 and 2, Stoic is now back on Kickstarter to fund the third and final part of this story - Banner Saga 3. If you're a fan of their previous work you'll be glad to hear that Banner Saga 3 has already gathered an impressive $107,500 in a single day, and with the goal set for $200,000 I have a feeling the developers are going to have a ton of stretch goals to contend with.

For those of you wondering what exactly the Banner Saga 3 is going to be like, allow me to show you the recently posted Kickstarter trailer. There's obviously no gameplay footage in the video, but it should still give you a general idea of what the developers are aiming for. Have a look:

And if you prefer all of that in written form, here's what the developers had to say in their announcement message: "In Banner Saga 3, players will embark on their final journey beyond the wall of Darkness to traverse the world unlike anything encountered in previous sagas. The beautifully hand drawn Viking role-playing adventure will once again test the player’s resolve through epic tactical battles against deadly adversaries where a player's choice directly affects their personal journey. The lives of your clansmen and their families have never been more significant than in the final act of the series. Banner Saga 3 stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign will aim to enhance the game further if the initial funding goal is met, ultimately this will include more content to help drive the story and add even more production value to the final game." 

If you would like to support Banner Saga 3, and also grab yourself a copy, the cheapest tier will set you back $20. And as an added bonus, if you pledge an extra $20 dollars you will get both Banner Saga 1 and 2 after the Kickstarter campaign closes. In theory this will save you $20, but if you don't mind waiting a bit you can probably grab them for less during one of the numerous Steam sales. Either way, the Banner Saga is well worth playing, and hopefully the same will apply to its grand finale!