Montezuma from Civilization 6

While I wish they didn't exist at all, pre-order bonuses have only become more commonplace over the years and as such it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Civilization 6 will be having one as well.

The Aztec civilization and its leader, Montezuma will be arriving with the launch version of Civilization VI as an exclusive pre-order item, though everyone will be able to access the faction after 90 days, completely free of charge. It might not be the best system around, but at least they don't expect you to pay for cut content, so that's at least something. On the more positive side, however, the actual gameplay mechanics behind the Aztecs seem to be pretty interesting, as you'll see in the "First Look" trailer below:


My personal favorite part about the Aztecs is the Eagle Warrior unit, a rather simple concept at first, but one that can bring forth a lot of intricate strategies. If you haven't watched the video, the basic idea is that the Eagle Warrior is slightly stronger versions of the standard Warrior, but with the ability to spawn a Builder with each kill it makes. Best of all, these builders can then be used to speed up the construction of districts, a trait exclusive to the Aztecs, which pretty much ensures that the early game will never be boring if your name is Montezuma.

The Aztecs, along with the rest of Civilization 6, will be arriving on October 21. If you're interested in learning more, head over to the official website, you'll find plenty of civilizations outlined just as well as the Aztecs.

Civilization 6's Aztec empire in combat