Metro Exodus screenshot of a broken gask mask amidst a frozen street

After the success of not only the Metro series, but the Metro Redux collection as well, I am very glad to say that the atmospheric horror-FPS will be getting a sequel. As you might expect from the name alone, in Metro Exodus we will be escaping the shattered ruins of Moscow in order to embark on a continent-spanning journey.

Besides the obvious inclusion of a new storyline, Metro Exodus will also bring with it greatly improved gameplay, as you'll see in one of the recent videos down below. I would heartily recommend you give it a look as some of the scenery is quite spectacular! Here's the video:

Metro Exodus will be making its way to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 at some point in 2018, though no specific date has been given just yet. If you would like to learn more I would recommend heading over to the official website, but just keep in mind that concrete information is currently in very short supply. And since I can offer you very little else when it comes to details, allow me to send you off with a couple of images, including this abominable thing:

Metro Exodus screenshot of a strange monster

Metro Exodus screenshot of the outside world and its scenery

Metro Exodus screenshot of a crossbow