A Hat in Time official artwork of the main character

After being successfully Kickstarted all the way back in the ancient times of 2013, the colorful and downright adorable 3D collectathon A Hat in Time finally launched in October of 2017. While the lengthy development process is usually indicative of problems, especially with Kickstarter games where money is tight, A Hat in Time ended up being not only good, but straight up excellent!

That alone would be enough, but Gears for Breakfast has decided to take things one step further by also including mod support, though initially only in a limited fashion. Now that "The Modding Update" has arrived, however, the mods themselves have become an integral part of A Hat in Time. In other words, it is now not only easier to pick and choose the ones you like, but you can also unlock a variety of hat flairs, remixes, and other cosmetics by simply playing and completing the community levels.

In order to ensure there's a constant stream of quality mods coming into A Hat in Time, Gears for Breakfast has just announced a $1,000 prize pool Purple Time Rift mapping contest. If you would like to participate, you have until April 27th, 2018 to create, test and upload your very best map to the Steam Workshop with the tag "2018 Purple Time Rift Mapping Contest". After the deadline the 20 highest voted entries will be reviewed by the developers themselves, while the top 3 will be splitting the cash prize.

As you might imagine, this contest should bring a whole bunch of quality maps for everyone to enjoy, so if you haven't give A Hat in Time a try, now would be a really good time to do so! After all, it is currently 33% off on Steam. Have fun!