Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time screenshot of the combat against a giant monster

After being available in the East for quite a few months now, the action-RPG Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time has finally made its way to the West via PC and PS4 as well. While it is quite clearly made for fans of the show, it is worth mentioning that Chamber of Time has its own self-contained storyline and detailed character introductions, so you should be able to play it even if you're not super-familiar with the show.

Since a lot of Chamber of Time's strengths rely on exactly this connection to the show and its characters, allow me to showcase that by sharing with you the recently posted launch trailer. It'll give you a pretty good idea of how closely Chamber of Time emulates the show, as well as what the actual gameplay is all about. Have a look:

I haven't played it myself since I don't know much about Little Witch Academia, but from what I've figured out it appears to be a pretty decent game. It's probably not going to take the world by storm given that it's fairly niche, but if you're a fan of the show I do think it's at least worth a closer look. If you decide to play it, however, do make sure you have around an hour to spare because there is unfortunately no save point throughout the entire beginning area!

You can find out more about Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time, as well as grab yourself a copy, by heading over to Steam.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time screenshot from an in-game cinematic