Thumper screenshot showcasing a shiny metallic space-beetle

Thumper, in the most basic terms, is an action-rhythm game that's all about ridiculous speeds and violent collisions... and you also play as a metallic space-beetle, because why not! And if you ever wanted to see the world through the eyes of a metallic-space beetle, you're in luck as Thumper has just added support for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive!

There is unfortunately no video preview of the VR update, but if you just take a glance at some of the previous gameplay trailers I think you'll get a good idea of just how ridiculous all of this might turn out. Have a look:

While it might seem incredibly similar to games such as Audiosurf, it is worth mentioning that Thumper does not allow you to import your own music. Instead the entirety of the gameplay has been designed around a soundtrack specifically composed with in Thumper in mind. As such, all of its levels are constructed in such a way that they become more challenging as you go on, and naturally, even more obscenely fast!

You can find out more about Thumper by heading over to Steam. However, I would advise not buying it for the next couple of days, simply because the Steam Winter Sale is set to arrive on December 22nd. I obviously don't know if Thumper is going to be discounted, but I'd say waiting for two days is small enough of a compromise that its well worth finding out. And finally, here's a few images to really showcase how ridiculous this whole concept is:

Thumper's final boss screenshot

Thumper's strange cascading enviroments

Thumper's space-beetle in flight