Screenshot from the tactical FPS game Squad

If you're up for some 50 vs 50 semi-realistic FPS action you might want to check out Squad. Its completely free to play to play on Steam for the next two days, so if you have even an inkling of interest now would be the best time to give it a try due the influx of both new and old players alike.

For those of you that need a bit more convincing before jumping in, here's the fairly old but still relevant "Introduction to Squad" video. The trailer might be a bit over-dramatic, but it should still give you a good idea of what you're getting into. Anyway, have a look:

Before you dive in and start randomly shooting at bushes and shadows you'll be glad to hear that the recent update has greatly improved the process of joining servers, as well as added a new map to toy around with -  Al Basharah. You can find the full patch notes over at the official website, but long story short, its a bunch of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

And finally, it is important to also mention that Squad is going to be on a 50% discount until Monday, April 10th. The sale will only last for the duration of the free weekend, so make sure to get plenty of playtime in before you're faced with the decision on whether to buy it or not. Have fun!