Artwork for the Vodyani faction from Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2 is a 4X strategy game featuring 8 major civilizations, each with their own distinct gameplay style and story, as well as a massive universe to conquer in whichever way you might desire. After being in Early Access since October 6th, 2016 Endless Space 2 has now finally and officially been released on Steam, though existing players should not worry as this does not mark the end of major updates.

While I don't get to play as many 4X strategy games these days given how much time they demand of you, I must commend Endless Space 2 on the design of its universe and the races that inhabit it. Even though I don't have the time to actually play it I still know almost all of the lore for all of the factions, and that's quite an achievement on its own! But rather than just listen to me ramble, allow me to show you the trailer that originally got me invested - it'll illustrate the point much better. Have a look:

As for the quality of Endless Space 2 as a game, that's a bit of a difficult question to answer without actually playing it. From what I've seen online most people agree that its a pretty solid 4X strategy game, though there are definitely a few areas where it feels either unfinished or unpolished. So if you do decide to buy it, make sure to keep Steam's refund policy in mind: if you play less than two hours and you don't find any joy with the game, you can get a full refund. Two hours might not be enough given the size of Endless Space 2, but it should give you a damn good idea if its something you might enjoy or not.

If you would like to learn more about Endless Space 2, or just check out some gameplay trailers, you should head over to the official website. If you're more interested in the story and the lore behind all of the races, something I definitely recommend you check out, you can find what you seek over at the official wiki. Have fun!

Endless Space 2 artwork for the Carvers faction