Official artwork for Total War: Arena without the logo

Total War: Arena is a free-to-play offshoot of the main Total War series. It features 10vs10 RTS battles where each player controls only three units, rather than an entire army as you would expect from pretty much any Total War game. However, while you cannot control more units, you can customize the armor, weapons and skillset of your soldiers, thus giving you plenty of ways to have an actual impact on the overall battle.

If this sounds like the type of game you would like to at least try out, you might be interested to hear that the developers are now holding an Open Beta event. Simply head on over to the Total War: Arena website, download the installer, and you'll be playing in no time. And speaking of time, it is worth mentioning that this Open Beta event will last until 9am UTC on December 4th, so you should have plenty of chances to give it a try.

As far as content is concerned, the Open Beta will feature 11 commanders with unique playstyles, 9 battlefields set in historical locations, as well as three different factions to toy around with: Romans, Barbarians, and Greeks. You can learn more about all of these commanders and the available units by heading over to the official website.

And as a final note, here's the relatively recent developer video highlighting Leonidas' accomplishments. Its somewhat unrelated to the game itself, but its quite an interesting video regardless. Enjoy!