F1 Manager 2022 official teaser art showing a car from above

In a bit of a bizarre announcement, Frontier Developments recently revealed that after the next update the F1 Manager 2022 team will be moving onto other projects. This sort of thing would be perfectly understandable for an older game with a sequel right around the corner, but F1 Manager 2022 had only just launched a mere two months ago!

“This next update for F1 Manager 2022 will be the last significant update that addresses player-reported feedback, or suggested changes and additions,” explains the developer update. “Any potential updates following this would be minor patches that do not noticeably affect gameplay. To ensure upcoming F1 Manager projects realise their potential and meet the expectations of both our team and our community, the development team’s focus must move fully onto projects beyond F1 Manager 2022, after this upcoming update.”

Unsurprisingly, this announcement resulted in a massive outcry from the community as many were hoping the post-launch updates would sort out some of the currently ongoing issues and lacking features. A good thing too, because Frontier Developments have already come back to say that they are going to continue supporting F1 Manager 2022 after all! Though how big these updates are going to be, that is still a bit nebulous.

“To be crystal clear: we will continue to support F1 Manager 2022, with multiple updates currently in the pipeline, focused on addressing the most important topics raised by the community,” reads the follow-up update. “This continues with our upcoming update, which includes a number of changes and improvements, including resolving issues around Estimated Race Time calculations and fuel usage in Qualifying sessions, as well as additional updates, where required, focusing solely on improving your experience and addressing more player reports.”

“Yesterday’s post was to explain that the addition of any new significant gameplay features for F1 Manager 2022 requested by players would not be possible, but this was not clear. Everyone on the F1 Manager 2022 team remains focused on further improving the game, and your feedback is the driving force behind that. Thank you for your support, and we’ll be in touch with a status update as soon as possible.”

While the new announcement is a bit too weaselly for my tastes, especially since the original developer update was very clear and concise about what's happening, I'm still glad that the F1 Manager 2022 players will be getting some much-needed updates. When exactly these will arrive and how big they'll truly be that, however, we'll just have to wait and see.

You can learn more about F1 Manager 2022, as well as keep track of any future announcements, over at Steam. Enjoy!