Clementine and Javier from The Walking Dead: Season 3

The existence of The Walking Dead: Season 3 should come as no surprise to anyone, especially considering its the series that made Telltale into the giant it is today. What might surprise you, however, is that the main character is once again Clementine, though in her teenage years this time around.

Before I say anything else, here's the recently posted teaser trailer, though don't raise your expectations too high since the whole video infuriatingly short:


First of all, a couple of facts from the recent E3 stream. Clementine is, obviously, back once again, though this time around in her "early teens". Your save files will carry over from the previous two seasons, so depending on your choices your Clementine will adopt a certain outlook towards the world. If you've somehow deleted your save files and don't feel like going through all of that again, worry not as Telltale has announced that there will be ways of filling in your history without replaying the whole series.

The second big announcement is that there will be two main characters in Season 3, Clementine and Javier, the young man you can see in the trailer. Not much is known about him right now, but the more observant among you may have noticed something about Clementine... she's missing a finger! While this is slightly melodramatic on my part, I have to admit I felt immensely sad when I noticed the missing finger, mostly because it feels like I failed her, a video game character. It really goes to show how proficient the folks over at Telltale are when it comes to creating likable, realistic characters that don't just disappear from your mind the moment you turn off the game.

The Walking Dead: Season 3 is set to premiere this fall, most likely in August.

The zombie from The Walking Dead: Season 3 trailer