Sam & Max Save the World screenshot from the remastered version

[Update #2]: Sam & Max's third and final season, The Devil's Playhouse, is getting remastered in 2023.

[Update]: Sam & Max's second season Beyond Time and Space is getting an HD remaster this December, 2021.

While Telltale is most famous for their The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us series, they also created some pretty solid games long before that. Chief among these was the Sam & Max series, a collection of hilarious point & click adventure games starring a dog detective and his loud-mouthed rabbit-thing companion.

The reason I'm even mentioning all of this is because the very first season of Sam & Max has just suddenly received an HD remaster! The new version brings with it greatly enhanced graphics, widescreen and gamepad support, new music tracks, plenty of absurd humor, and perhaps most importantly, a 50% discount for the owners of the original.

If you're curious what all of this looks like in actual gameplay, or just what Sam & Max and their style of humor are all about, you can find your answers in the trailer right below. Have a gander:

Even though the quality of the remaster itself is rather high, Sam & Max Save the World has caught a bit of criticism for recasting one of the fan-favorite characters (Bosco) and rewriting some of the jokes. I haven't played the new version myself so I can't tell you how extensive the changes truly are, but suffice to say, if you do decide to grab the remastered version it would be a wise idea to read a little bit more about it before diving in.

You can do so, as well as check out some of the user reviews, over at Steam. Enjoy!