Clementine from The Walking Dead season 2

With E3 2016 just around the corner Telltale has decided to reveal a few tidbits of information in order to drum up excitement for their big presentation.

As noted by Job J Stauffer over at Twitter the new Batman adventure game series will arrive this summer, while the long awaited third season for The Walking Dead will premiere in fall.

"BATMAN - The Telltale Series' will premiere this summer @TheWalkingDead's 3rd season will premiere this fall #E32016 begins in 1 week ;)"

There is currently very little concrete information about either of these games, but Telltale did release some details about the Batman series back in March. Its going to be a fresh interpretation of the universe set in current times, and not tied to any existing iteration of Batman. The story will primarily focus on Bruce/Batman rather than the extended 'Bat-Family', which unfortunately means that characters such as Robin or Nightwing will not be making much of an appearance, if any. As with previous Telltale games there will be plenty of choices to make along the way, each one subtly changing up the story and how all of the supporting characters react to you.

While I would love to tell you something about The Walking Dead: Season 3 there is currently very little actual information available. The only thing that I can say for certain is that Clementine will once again be making an appearance, though there are rumors of her being far older this time around. If you ask me, I believe the rumors are true because a large time-jump is the only way Telltale can ever connect the two vastly different endings from Season 2, well... other than making two completely separate games. 

Whatever the case may be I'm sure we'll find out more during Telltale's E3 panel next week.

Telltale's Batman game