Guardians of the Galaxy official artwork/wallpaper

Its been known for quite a while now that Telltale Games is working on Marvel themed adventure game, but the details were unfortunately just not there. Until recently the only thing we even knew about this project was that its slated to arrive at some point in 2017, which as you can imagine is not the most exciting of news.

However, recently noticed something rather interesting. As a part of a recent strike by the members of SAG-AFTRA (a union for voice actors), the union released a list of in-development or unannounced games that have not struck new deals. As you can probably guess from the title alone, one of those is Guardians of the Galaxy - The Video Game, listed under the same company that's working on Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 3. 

Telltale seems to be working on a Guardians of the Galaxy game

While all of this is obviously still a rumor, I have a feeling this one is going to pan out to be true given how given how all of the pieces seem to fit so nicely together. That aside, I'm not sure if Guardians of the Galaxy is the best fit for Telltale's style of adventure games. As they've proven time and time again, narrative is Telltale's strong point, not action. So why choose a franchise that is mostly famous for the latter?

Then again, Telltale has already shown they can create compelling stories out of practically nothing. The Tales from the Borderlands is the best example of this because the Borderlands story is made out of 99% puns and 1% cheesiness, and yet Telltale somehow turned it into one of their best adventure games. So who knows, maybe Guardians of the Galaxy will be even better given that it has much stronger characters to work with! Whatever the case may be, I would recommend withholding your excitement until the official announcement arrives, because right now we're still firmly in rumor territory.