Batman screenshot from the Telltale adventure game

If you've never played any of Telltale's modern adventure games you're in luck as they are currently on a rather steep discount over at the Humble Store. Unless you're aiming for some of their most recent series such as Batman and Minecraft you can find pretty much all of them for €5,75 or less!

Since I'm sure there are some among you that know almost nothing about these games, allow me to list out my favorites and briefly explain why they might be worth your time. Here's the list:

The Walking Dead: Season 1 and 2

While Telltale was already pretty famous inside their little niche, it was The Walking Dead that really propelled them into spotlight. The combination of great writing, storytelling, and some brilliant character interactions made for a nearly irresistible story. The series does have its problems, most notably when it comes to long-term consequences of your choices, but it is still an absolute classic that is bound to keep you thinking about it for many months to come.

Tales from the Borderlands

I don't know about you, but Borderlands is the last thing I think of when someone says "compelling storytelling". However, Telltale has somehow managed to draw water out of sheer rock given that their Tales from the Borderlands is not only compelling, but downright awesome! If you're a fan of the Borderlands games then chances are high you'll have a blast with this one.

The Wolf Among Us

This might be a bit of a controversial opinion, but I think The Wolf Among Us is the best series Telltale has ever created. All of the characters are well written and full of personality, your choices seem to have actual long-term effects on the universe, and the atmosphere almost perfectly captures the gritty noire feel of the story. If you only have limited time and a want a fully self-enclosed story then look no further than The Wolf Among Us.

Those are just my suggestions, however, so make sure to check the sale out for yourself and see if there's something I may have missed. Have fun!