A battle screenshot from Tekken 7

Despite being absolutely terrible at fighting games I must profess that the Tekken series has always been a sort of guilty pleasure for me. Not because of its intricate balance and deep combat, of which I sadly know next to nothing, but rather because of the insane roster of characters that includes such classics as the giant panda, a sentient heap of wood, and a teleporting demon samurai that tends to stab himself a lot. All of it defies any sort of logic or common sense, but its a heap of fun so I don't think anyone really minds.

With that said, I have some good and bad news. The good news is that Gamespot recently recorded a dozen minutes of Tekken 7 gameplay at E3, and by all accounts it seems to be pretty damn good. As for the bad news... well, the presenter basically has no idea what he's doing, and this is coming from someone who's a self-professed noob, so don't expect to see any amazing combos or a deep gameplay showcase.

The video is still well worth checking out, however, and even though you might not see tournament-level gameplay it should still give you a good idea on what to expect from Tekken 7:


Tekken 7 will be heading to the West in early 2017, and this time around its actually getting a PC release as well!