Team Fortress 2 artwork for Pyro's new jetpack item

[Update #2]: Team Fortress 2's June 2022 update seems to have solved the bot and cheater epidemic!

[Update]: Valve is working on fixing Team Fortress 2's overwhelming problem with bots and cheaters.

After soundly beating the Heavy in the Meet Your Match contest a while ago, Pyro has now finally received his very own content update and slight rework. The flamethrower's visuals have been greatly improved and are now more representative of its actual reach, Afterburn duration now depends on just how long you've been flaming someone's face off, Airblast has been made more consistent and enjoyable for both sides, and the list goes on for quite a while.

Besides all of the Pyro changes and additions, the Jungle Inferno update has also added a whole bunch of new maps to explore, as well as 36 new Contracts to complete via the Jungle Inferno Campaign Pass. Unlike the previous campaigns, however, the new Contracts will not slowly trickle into the game, but will instead be available from the very start as a part of a choose-your-own-path sort of tree. More importantly, you can now actually complete Contracts in co-op! Simply group up with your friends, join the same server, and all of the actions you do will count for each of your contracts. A simple addition, but a highly welcome one!

The final thing worth mentioning are the new balance changes and weapon reworks. While I won't go into details due to the sheer number of changes, I will mention that the Spy's endlessly annoying Dead Ringer has now finally been tweaked! You can find everything you need to know about the update, as well as the full patch notes, over at the official website. And with all of that said, allow me to leave you with the newest animated short. Enjoy!