Worms 2020 screenshot from the teaser trailer

[Update]: Worms Rumble, the arena-based 32 player madhouse, is set to launch this December 1st.

In a bit of a surprising twist for a series that has had an absurd amount of entries, Worms has been pretty much dormant since Worms W.M.D back in 2016. However, if you thought this was the end of the entire series, you would be wrong as Team 17 has now come to announce a brand new game - Worms 2020.

Unfortunately, this is one of those "a teaser for an upcoming teaser" kind of situations, and as such there is basically no information about Worms 2020 currently available. We don't know what it'll be called, we don't know when it'll release or which platforms it will do so, and we also don't know what type of Worms game it will be - 2D or 3D.

That said, pretty much every Worms game so far has had some sort of gimmick, so I fully expect Worms 2020 to try something a bit out of the ordinary. Whatever the case may be, I can only hope the series will finally manage to escape the shadow of Worms Armageddon and create a proper, fully-polished and modern Worms game.

Once the full announcement goes live I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I'll leave you with the brief and rather nostalgic teaser trailer. Enjoy!