Tales of Symphonia is coming to PC on February 2nd at most likely a $20 price tag

Once upon a time it was so rare to get even a single JRPG to appear on PC but nowadays they are coming out of the woodwork and I couldn't be happier about it.

Today's JRPG announcement is that Tales of Symphonia, an oldschool RPG classic, is coming to PC on February 2nd, mere two weeks from now. Here's the trailer that accompanied the announcement:


Despite the video containing a heavy dose of cheesiness I've heard many, many good things about Symphonia and the Tales series in general over the years especially when it comes to the mechanics and storytelling. Supposedly the world in Symphonia is incredibly well realized and the characters quite memorable which isn't surprising given the excellent voice cast which includes Jennifer Hale (Femshep) among others.

I can't confirm how good it is personally as I have never really owned a console but Symphonia's reputation for compelling storytelling alone has me quite excited to finally be able to give it a try.

Do keep your expectations in check however because Symphonia is a rather old game and as such almost all of the elements that made it good would've been taken and improved in future Tales games which might result in it feeling a bit clunky for you, especially if you've played any of the modern Tales games.

Tales of Symphonia is coming to Steam this February 2nd and while a price hasn't been announced expect it to be around $20 as that's how much it costs on the consoles right now. Once it gets finally confirmed I'll make sure to update you.