Tales of Symphonia PC screenshot

When Tales of Symphonia launched on Steam back in February it was a complete mess. There were numerous bugs, constant crashes, the resolution options didn't even work for some people, and to top it all off, it pretty much had no graphics settings to speak off!

To Bandai Namco's credit, however, the team has managed to fix the majority of these issues over the past few months, and if the most recent patch is any judge, they aren't done just yet. In an update that came out a couple of days ago they have added support for 4K resolutions, MSAA, improved character and object outlines, as well as a few other graphical tweaks to hopefully correct some of the remaining issues. Here are the patch notes:

Increased resolution options up to 4K

MSAA support

Improved character and object outlines

Frame rate smoothing

Post sharpening and gamma improvements

Improved mipmap implementation 

While Tales of Symphonia does still have some annoying problems, most of the game-breaking stuff has long since been fixed. So if you feel like playing a classic RPG from the Gamecube days, by all means, dive in!