System Shock Remastered early alpha screenshot

[Update]: After nearly seven years in development, the System Shock Remake will finally be launching in March 2023!

System Shock is by all accounts an excellent game, but due to technological advances in both graphics and gameplay its not the most... pleasant thing to play these days. This is where Night Dive Studios and their plans for a Remastered version come in as they are offering improved gameplay mechanics, impressive visuals, and a bunch of new features to make playing System Shock a fresh and enjoyable experience.

The Remastered version, now known simply as System Shock, is set to arrive next week, June 28, on Kickstarter along with a playable demo showcasing the team's progress so far. If you're wondering what the demo might look like, here's a gameplay trailer featuring pre-alpha footage from about 3 months ago:


While I unfortunately can't offer you more information, on account of there not being any, I can instead show you a couple of the recently posted screenshots that feel like a familiar, but upgraded version of the System Shock I remember. If you want a bigger version of the images below, simply click on it:

System Shock Remastered screenshot of a dark hallway

System Shock Remastered zombie screenshot

System Shock Remastered screenshot of a dead guard

System Shock Screenshot of a bloody mess

System Shock Remastered screenshot of a plasma leak