System Shock Remastered early screenshot

[Update]: After nearly seven years in development, the System Shock Remake will finally be launching in March 2023!

System Shock, previously known as System Shock Remastered, is a modern recreation of the classic action-RPG that brought about an evolution in the genre. The remastered version, besides bringing in modern graphics and audio, also features improved gameplay mechanics, level design and even enemy behavior, all in an effort to create the ultimate version of System Shock.

The project launched on Kickstarter around two weeks ago and from the very beginning it was obvious that the gaming community is more than ready for a brand new iteration of System Shock. After gathering well over $400,000 during its first two days, the project has now breached its initial $900,000 goal as well, and with 18 days left its time to start thinking about stretch goals!

Since this is a remake of the original System Shock most of the gameplay features and elements were set in stone from the get-go, but there is still a couple of avenues to possibly expand this new System Shock through. Here's what Nightdive Studios listed out as their potential new features, should they receive enough funding to go through with them:

Enemy limb dismemberment

More puzzles

Ammo types/Weapon settings

Vending machines

Basic components/reaserch

RPG progression

Weapon upgrading

Hardcore mode (no respawning) and Ironman mode (only 1 save slot, if you die the save is deleted).

If all of this has you intrigued, but you're not really sure about dropping money on yet another dubious Kickstarter with overbearing promises, you're in luck as there is a playable demo available. You can download it for free on Steam and see for yourself if this new System Shock is worthy of your time and money.

Should you decide it is, the cheapest tier you can buy that still gives you a digital copy of the game is currently set at $30, while the digital Collector's Edition is priced at $50. The collector's Edition mostly contains a bunch of digital fluff, but it does also include System Shock 1 and 2, so that might be of interest to some of you.

System Shock Remastered pods screenshot