System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition official artwork with logo

Back in 2019 Nightdive Studios announced that System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition is in development. While that was certainly an exciting piece of news, what followed was a very long period of silence, which as you might imagine has led to quite a few people wondering just what the Enhanced Edition will be all about, or if the project is even still alive.

Well, I'm happy to say that I bring good news on both fronts. Not only is System Shock 2 still in development, but Nightdive Studios have just announced VR support for it! So if you ever wanted to smack a cyber-monkey across the noggin with a wrench, consider your disturbingly specific wish fulfilled.

Naturally, in true Nightdive Studios fashion, there is basically no information about the inclusion of VR. As of right now we don't know what platforms it will be available on, how well integrated it will be, or even when System Shock 2 itself will be released.

Once those questions get cleared up I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can check out a brief demonstration of the VR controls over at the Nightdive Studios' Twitter.