Super Meat Boy Race Mode DLC official artwork

Super Meat Boy released onto Steam almost exactly 8 years ago, which is why I am both shocked and delighted to announce that it has now finally received its very first piece of DLC. The aptly named Super Meat Boy Race Mode DLC brings with it the long-awaited ability to race against your friends, though sadly only in local, split screen multiplayer.

Besides being able to choose from racing across entire chapters, individual stages or something completely random, the Race Mode DLC also includes the option to speed across chapters "forged by some of the most sadistic lunatics in our wonderful Super Meat World community", as well as a few chapters created by the team themselves. The latter will be rotating "every once in a while", so if you're interested in experiencing a whole new dimension of pain, make sure to check out the Featured option when selecting Race Mode.

That's pretty much the long and short of it. So if you're itching to squeeze out a few more hours out of Super Meat Boy (and lose a few more strands of hair from the relentless stress), do make sure to give the Race Mode DLC a look over at Steam. It really isn't the most complex DLC around, but for €4 I think it does a pretty good job of revitalizing a fairly ancient game. Have fun!