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Summer Games Done Quick, a community hosted event where speedrunners from all over the world gather to completely break the games you know and love, has recently concluded with around $1,300,000 raised in the name of charity. In this case, all of the money gathered throughout the event will be donated to Doctors without Borders, a charity organization dedicated to providing medical aid wherever its needed.

If you didn't know about it until now, or if you simply couldn't spare the time to watch the stream throughout the week, worry not as all of the runs have been archived on Youtube. Here's a few of my favorite from this year's SGDQ, and if you only have the time to watch a couple, make sure its these ones:

Super Mario Maker Race


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitch Exhibition


Pepsiman (yes, I'm serious)


If you have the time, I would fully advise you look through the Youtube archive and pick out some more runs to watch. Its perfect entertainment for when you just want to turn off your brain, grab a snack, and unwind after a long day. Enjoy!