Subnautica H2.0 update has arrived bringing with it many new changes and improvements

Subnautica is a visually beautiful undersea survival and exploration game set in an alien world and created by the aptly named Unknown Worlds, the developers behind the excellent Natural Selection 2.

As of right now Subnautica is still in Early Access but unlike the majority of its survival genre brethren it is using the platform to deliver some frequent and major patches. One such addition is the very punny H2.0 update which brings with it much improved water effects, darker nights, more realistic undersea lighting, large explorable wrecks and more. Here's the trailer showcasing the update:


You can find my brief rundown of the features coming with H2.0 below but if you want the full details I'd suggest you head over to the update page:

- Water on the surface will now form foamy waves which will interact with the environment, and you, creating some quite realistic effects when looked at from either above or below

- The improved lighting system is a step towards realism as caves will now be in almost complete darkness with the occasional shaft of light penetrating through while the areas closer to the surface will now look much more vibrant and colorful

- The celestial bodies in Subnautica can now be observed in real time so after a long day you can always sit down and watch the sunset

- The scanner & PDA data bank will allow you to keep a record of all alien life that you discover thus forming a growing library of information. While this feature is not yet complete the idea behind it is to make visiting the wiki a less mandatory part of gameplay

- Basic materials printed through the fabricator will now more closely resemble their actual form rather than come out as cubes. A small change but a most welcome one

- You can design and create a water filtration system that will give you clean drinkable water at a pretty steep power cost

- The forward section of the ship you crashed in has seemingly withstood the initial explosion and has come to rest on the seabed. And you know what that means, loot, loot, loooot!

Subnautica is currently in Early Access and in my humble opinion its pretty damn good despite some bugs and missing features. If this update ended up tickling your fancy I'd suggest you do a bit of research before jumping in because even though it looks excellent it still is very much so an alpha with all of the quirks that come with that.