Street Fighter V screenshot of Kolin in action

Street Fighter V's Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) will soon be getting a whole bunch of new features and improvements. Matchmaking will be both faster and more accurate, it will take less time to get into the matches themselves, "rage quitters" will finally be punished, there will be country and league based rankings, a new friend management system, and the list goes on for quite a while.

In order to showcase all of the improvements, and also draw in new players, Capcom has just announced that Street Fighter V will be having a free weekend starting from March 28th and ending on April 3rd. The trial offer will be limited to Steam users and will only feature online modes, but will be completely free for both current and new players.

The last part is extremely important because the entire purpose of this free weekend is to fully test the upcoming CFN update before it rolls onto the live servers. While the bugs and issues are bound to be a slight annoyance, there is a rather significant upside to all of this - all available characters (including the recently released Kolin) will be unlocked for play! So if you ever wanted to give Street Fighter V a try, or just one of its DLC characters, make sure to mark March 28th on your calendar.