Street Fighter V Nash and F.A.N.G Story Costumes

Yesterday's big Street Fighter V patch brought with it the Challenge Mode and numerous other changes, but it also paved the way for special costumes that will be arriving tomorrow alongside the in-game store.

As you might expect, some crafty players have already managed to not just datamine all of the costumes, but also import them in to the game and present them in a neat video. Here's the video and some of the skins, courtesy of the Street Fighter Subreddit. Just try not to laugh at poor Ken, he's going through a sensitive period:


Let's get the awkward teenager out of the way first:

Street Fighter V's Ken does not have a good haircut

With that lovely image now permanently seared in to your mind, let's move on to some actually good costumes:

Street Fighter V zangief and birdie skins

Karin and Dhalsim Street Fighter V skins

Street Fighter V Chun-Li and Vega skins

You can find a few more images, as well as other pairings, in this Reddit post.

These skins will be officially released tomorrow, March 30th, alongside a patch that will add Alex to the game and finally open the in-game shop. The shop will allow you to spend all of your hard earned Fight Money on either DLC characters (priced at 100,000) or Story Mode costumes (priced at 40,000). 

If you were planning on dropping a few bucks in order to grab yourself some of these costumes, you're unfortunately out of luck as the Zenny currency is currently unavailable. On the positive side, Capcom has made Alex available as a free trial for all players, so make sure to give him a spin before he retreats in to the store.

Street Fighter V Alex and Ken costumes