Street Fighter V is releasing February 16th, Linux version in spring

I have to hand it to Capcom, they've been treating their PC ports extremely well the past year or so and from everything they've announced and showcased Street Fighter V looks like it will continue that legacy. Ironically, their main competitors WB & NetherRealm decided that Mortal Kombat X doesn't need a netcode update on the PC or any of the other features that will be coming to the consoles and have subsequently ceased all PC development on the title.

Their loss as Street Fighter V is set to launch tomorrow, February 16th, for the PC & PS4 alongside quite the buzz from the fighting game community. Here's the trailer and information on the Linux version:


As for Linux version Capcom announced a couple of hours ago that it will be arriving in a couple of months though no actual date was given:

"Attention Steam users and Street Fighter V players! Our development team is working closely with Valve engineers to bring the full Street Fighter V experience onto the SteamOS platform.

This will be a free update to all Street Fighter V Steam players and will be released this Spring. More news will be shared soon, so stay tuned."  

Another thing to note is that all of Street Fighter V's planned DLC characters and many of the costumes will be available for purchase with either in-game currency or real money. Its not quite on the level of getting free DLC but in today's market this is a rather progressive move from Capcom and for that I'd tip my hat to them, if I owned one.

Once again, Street Fighter V will be releasing on the PC & PS4 this February 16th for $60/€60 along with a $30/€30 Season Pass which contains 6 characters and unique costumes.

Even though I'm not much of a fighting game fan I'm still hoping this one ends up being good, excellent even, because Capcom really has gone through a lot of effort to be nice towards their fans and I'd like to see this sort of behavior a lot more commonplace in the future.