The Disgaea Steam page went up today without so much as an announcement which is odd considering how popular the series is these days.

According to the store page Disgaea PC will be coming in February 2016 with keyboard/mouse support, updated graphics as well as the usual Steam achievements & cards.

Disgaea for those unaware is a tactical RPG where grind is not shunned but rather embraced. If you want to you can level your characters to 9999 and then bring them back to level 1 with increased stats only to do it all over again.

Mind you the grind is not mandatory in order to complete the main story, its there to help you out with the post-story content if you end up getting stuck on difficult encounters. And even if you aren't a fan of grinding in these sort of games its worth playing Disgaea just for the story alone.

While I haven't actually played it I've had it recommended to me multiple times, by people I respect, on account of its clever writing and funny dialogue but due to not owning a PS2 I simply never could play it. So hearing now that its coming to PC is great news, ideally the rest of the series will follow it so I can experience those too.

Besides the features mentioned above the Steam version will also launch will all of the stuff previously exclusive to the PSP remake "Afternoon of Darkness" which included extra content as well as multiplayer.

Interestingly enough there is no mention of multiplayer on the Steam page which could be an error but until its confirmed either way I wouldn't get your hopes up, multiplayer is a big selling point to so casually skip over.

And finally, if you would like to learn more than what my measly knowledge of the series can provide head over to the Disgaea website.