Stellaris Toxoids Species Pack DLC official artwork with the logo

Instead of messing around with complex gameplay systems like vassalization and diplomacy, Stellaris' newest Toxoids DLC has gone for a more focused approach. As the name might suggest, the Toxoids Species Pack brings with it a bunch of new origins, civics and cosmetic options to mess around with, all centered around themes of rapid growth at the cost of both personal and environmental sacrifices.

Here's a brief trailer for one of the new origins, Knights of the Toxic God, as it showcases both the atmosphere behind the Toxoids DLC as well as some of the new toys you'll be able to play around with. Have a gander:

In terms of actual content, here's a brief rundown of everything the Toxoids Species Pack brings with it:

New Origins:

- Knights of the Toxic God: In the depths of your homeworld, rumors rumble of a true power buried under the toxic sludge. Do you dare to dredge up the secrets of your past - and potentially unleash them upon the galaxy?
- Overtuned: The candle that burns the brightest, burns itself into the galaxy’s memory! Play as a species that can gain more and more traits at the cost of its own lifespan, and live for today without worrying about sticking around for tomorrow!

New Civics:

- Toxic Baths: Grow your population fast with a fresh infusion of mutagenic sludge - so long as you’re willing to tolerate the costs to your planet and your people!
- Scavengers: One empire’s trash is your empire’s treasure! Don’t be too proud to harvest debris and destruction for quick construction projects of your own.
- Relentless Industrialists: If you’re going to keep up with demand, you’re going to have to learn to ignore all of those petty regulations and negative opinions. The surviving population will thank you for all of the resources you gain!

New Traits:

- Incubator: Repopulate quickly when your planet is empty, but those growth facilities can fill up fast!
- Inorganic Breath: Your own people are a source of valuable exotic gasses! It’s a shame the respirators are so expensive.
- Noxious: Other species can’t stand being around you, and it seems like your mere existence is making your planets awful places to live. On the other hand, other empires have a very difficult time wanting to fight or subjugate you, and it’s hilarious to see the look on their faces when you’re in the room!
- Exotic Metabolism: You’ve adapted to ask “are you going to eat that?” where other species would be calling the hazmat team. Eat faster, live longer, and enjoy a terrifying rainbow of flavors!

New Cosmetics:

- Species portraits, ship models, and cityscapes that only a mother could love.

New Advisor:

- Grow your empire alongside a relentless source of noxious sarcasm!

I haven't played the Toxoids Species Pack myself so take the following with a few grains of salt, but judging by the reception so far it seems to be an average-to-good sort of DLC. As expected, the new origins and civics are fun to mess around with, though the actual gameplay mechanics don't really do a good job of selling the idea that you're playing as a species that thrives in utterly inhospitable, toxic worlds. So much like some of the previous DLCs, this one is by no means mandatory, and you should only get it if you have a strong attachment to the whole theme.

Whatever your plans may be, you can learn more about the Toxoids Species Pack, as well as check out some of the player reviews, over at Steam. Enjoy!

Stellaris Toxoids Species Pack DLC screenshot showing the new fleet in movement

Stellaris Toxoids Species Pack DLC screenshot showing a completely toxic planet

Stellaris Toxoids Species Pack DLC screenshot showing a planet being poisoned