Stellaris artwork for the new Distant Skies expansion

While its release date has not yet been announced, Stellaris will soon be getting another Story Pack - Distant Stars. As you might imagine from the name alone, Distant Stars will be a discovery-themed DLC that will have players venture into the deepest recesses of space in order to search for anomalies, explore the ruins of long-forgotten civilizations, and even befriend absolutely gigantic space-faring creatures! Just make sure not to get too friendly with them as creatures the size of small moons might not be the most safe and reliable of traveling companions.

As is tradition with Paradox expansions, there are currently very few written details available about the DLC itself, so allow me to share with you the brief list of features that came with the announcement. It's unfortunately nothing too informative, but it should at least give you a bit of an idea of what to expect from Distant Stars. Have a look:

Behind Closed Doors: Discover hidden traces of an ancient gateway network unlocking a sealed path to a constellation outside our own galaxy. But is this door holding something out, or keeping something in?

Sensors are Picking up… That Can’t be Right: Encounter dozens of new anomalies and events for your intrepid scientists to observe and analyze, and a galaxy of wonders for them to discover.

Brave New Worlds: Plot unexplored unique solar systems, each with their own story to tell. Gain technology, resources, and valuable worlds to colonize.

There’s Always a Bigger Fish: Come face to face with a number of unique gargantuan creatures that exist and thrive in the vacuum of space. But approach with caution, because whether gentle giants or something more sinister, these legendary behemoths have existed long before you and will do what it takes to survive long after.

If you would like to go a bit more in-depth, however, you'll find the recently posted developer preview right below. It is a fairly lengthy video, but it will give you a lot more context about the features mentioned above. Anyway, have a gander:

You can secure yourself a copy of Stellaris: Distant Stars, or just follow its development moving forward, by heading over to the official website. And just for good measure, I'll leave you with the original reveal trailer. Enjoy!