Dark Souls 3 screenshot from the newest DLC

If you have somehow managed to get through all of the various December sales without filling out your backlog, you might be interested to hear that the Steam Winter Sale has now arrived. It unfortunately doesn't bring with it any cool gimmicks like the ones we had in the earlier years, but from now until January 4th you'll be able to grab a large amount of games at an equally large discount.

Since the concept is identical to every other Steam sale there really isn't much else to say, so allow me to instead give you a couple of suggestion. Not all of the games are going to be up your alley, but these are the ones I've had a lot of fun with throughout this whole year, so I'd say they are at least worth checking out. Anyway, here's the list:

The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition (-60% / €20)

Dark Souls 3 (-75% / €15)

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition (-60% / €20)

Hollow Knight (-34% / €10)

Total War: Warhammer (-66% / €20)

Alien: Isolation (-75% / €9)

As you can plainly see this is only a couple of games, so if you're not interested in any of theseI would highly recommend you browse through the sale yourself as well. There are a ton of great games out there, so chances are good you'll find one that's made pretty much exactly for you. Have fun and happy hunting!