Steam is soon going to start accepting Bitcoins

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise given that a translation server leak back in February showed text strings that directly pointed towards Steam implementing services to deal with Bitcoin payments.

Further proof comes from a recently leaked post that was made on the private developer forum where a Valve representative announced that Steam would start accepting payments via Bitcoins. Here's a screenshot from the post:

Steam will soon start accepting Bitcoins

The most interesting part of this whole announcement is that Valve won't be personally dealing with Bitcoins. Instead they will use a third party option to simply convert between Bitcoins and USD, with the main intent behind this decision being to ensure themselves against any possible volatility that may occur in this still rather young Bitcoin market.

Unfortunately for those in the EU, and especially Australia, the system seems to be designed with the idea of keeping the standard pricing format alive and well, which means overpriced release titles for all!

As a final note, allow me to just say that none of this has been officially confirmed as of yet, so even though its basically guaranteed that Valve will start accepting Bitcoins in the near future, the details may be changed before release.