Official screenshot for Steam's new News Hub feature

[Update]: Steam has now greatly improved the process of searching for games through keywords.

While Steam already provides developers with an easy way to list out updates and announcements for their games, all of this information is only really found if you actively select that game in your library or on the storefront. As such, it is entirely possible to miss events, updates and pretty much everything in-between, simply because you never really had a reason to click on the game itself.

In order to address this issue, Valve has now released the rather handy Steam News Hub as an experimental feature. As the name would suggest, the News Hub allows you to easily keep track of any sort of announcements or updates for the games you're interested in, as well as customize just what kind of news you want to see.

That last part is particularly important as it gives you the ability to not only filter out sales and updates from stuff like news and live streams, but also choose if you're interested in only games you own or also those you're currently following. So if you're so inclined, you can use this as an easy way of keeping track of sales for any game that's currently on your wishlist, or just use it as a way to scan for any sort of new content patches you might want to explore.

A minor feature in the grand scheme of things, but much like the recent tool that helps you choose which one of your games to play next, it's still nice to have around. You can learn more about the Steam News Hub, as well as check it out for yourself, over at Steam.